What the F%@! is NFC?

What the F%@! is NFC?

What is NFC, you might ask? NFC – Near Field Communication – is the technology that makes your smartphone, watch, and everyday products – work smarter and not harder

What is NFC?

Remember that hotel where you held your keycard to the door to unlock the room?

And then when you used your Apple Watch to pay at the grocery store?

What about that sporting event you got into by tapping your phone?


Well… that is NFC. And it’s crazy useful.


With the pandemic, Covid brought a lot of maddening annoyances to everyday life. One that was particularly vexing for many was the QR code menus in dimly-lit restaurants. My parents, along with the masses, struggled to align the camera on their iPhone just right to populate the link to take them to menu - along with having a decent internet connection (throwing up emoji). Now, imagine a QR code that you can access on your locked iPhone screen and completely ditch the camera app altogether. Are you still with me?


Now, let’s imagine something sexier than a bunch of dots in a square on a raggedy piece of paper that look like tv static. Any logo, picture, or design can be re-branded while using the same QR technology so we finally can kick the gaudy and confusing mass of dots to the curb. All you have to do is tap your locked phone to a piece of paper, a brand logo, or a small chip and the happy hour menu pulls up automatically on your phone.

Welcome to NFC.

This technology doesn’t require it’s user to be tech savvy (you're welcome mom and dad) and can be used without any cell service or WiFi. It can be utilized in hundreds of ways to make life easier - implemented in a business card that will add your contact to your next business connection’s phone - on a savvy beer can to share the story behind the hops - or even on a vinyl record to automatically play that album on your google home speaker.


Now Let's Get Connected.

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