3 Ways to Use NFC

3 Ways to Use NFC

At the beginning of 2020, 2 billion people possessed an NFC-enabled device (ever heard of an iPhone?) NFC popularity has grown largely since 2020 once more businesses embraced the contactless world of technology - as seen in the ugly QR code menus in restaurants. But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be that way. Bond Branding is working hard to create a more ~aesthetic~ tech savvy world.

Now that you know what NFC is, let’s understand how to use it to make life easier.

  1. Vinyl records - you might have seen the nerdy guy on tik tok show off his sick collection wall of vinyl records mounted on a wall and then play the album on his speaker by tapping his phone to the vinyl cover. This is possible with teeny tiny NFC stickers that have the ability to automate features on your phone once activated by tapping the phone to the sticker. Each sticker can have its own “command” that you set up to make them work for you.

  2. The last business card you’ll ever need - one that actually gives life to networking! These snazzy cards are a great way to share information and grab attention. All information can be edited which means no more purchasing new cards!

  3. Elevate your brand - you can implant NFC chips into clothing patches with your logo on clothing or print the logo onto stickers. This is the most encompassing way to use NFC, and honestly is what excites me the most. Imagine tapping the logo on a chip bag to pull up the nutritional facts on your phone. Or using a logo to show off different recipes. Or simply using the NFC chip that can look like anything you’d like!

Branding With NFC and QR Codes


It's Branding 🤝 QR codes (minus pulling up your camera to scan it). This is the future of interactive technology through the use of physical products.


By thinking outside the box and implementing new ideas, individuals and companies can gain leverage and garner attention simply by making information accessible and interactive. The hardest thing to do is grab someone's attention, and that is exactly when NFC thrives!

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